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Collection: Pet Blankets

Our cruelty-free faux fur blankets are pet-friendly and designed just for your little fur babies! It's been widely recognized that animals love our furs so much that we had to come out with a little line for the ones that always put a smile on our face. 

Our fur blankets are double sided with super soft fur that's machine washable and perfect for your pooch! Each pet blanket is cut and sewn by hand, in small batches in a rural community in Western New York.  Our wonderful Amish friend, Katie, sews these without an electric sewing machine or modern-day lighting! Ah, what a truly wonderful and simplified life she gets to live. She truly thanks you for giving her the opportunity to support her small family. 

4 products
  • Brown Vegan Fur Pet Bedding Blanket | Brown Chinchilla

    $38.00 - $65.00
  • Long Gray Fur Dog or Cat Pet Blanket | Wolf

    $40.00 - $90.00
  • Ombre Faux Fur Pet Blanket | Cola

    $40.00 - $90.00
  • Tan Faux Fur Dog or Cat Pet Blanket | Pony

    $40.00 - $90.00