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Can You Use Neutrals in Any Decor Theme?

victorian home buffalo New York with neutral cream faux fur pillow and throw by FuRmanity

Introducing the Aura Fur : The Perfect Addition to Neutral Decor

At FuRmanity, we are devoted to three things: consistently providing our clients with only the highest quality vegan fur throws, giving back to the world around us as much as we can, and staying on-trend with our product lines. We stay committed to the first two tenants on this list by carefully sourcing all of our materials, mainly from local, U.S.-based small businesses, and operating within a One for One business model, giving a fur blanket (or the monetary gift ) to an animal shelter for each sale. Remaining dedicated to the third tenant means that our team carefully follows interior design trends and creates new items that will fit into even the most stylish and curated homes. 

Currently, we are proud to be rolling out our new Aura vegan fur throws, pillows and rugs! This fur upholds the same standard of quality to which our clients, both new and old, have become accustomed. The Aura was specifically created with today’s obsession with neutral home decor in mind. Here, you’ll learn more about why neutral hues are so popular and how an Aura can enhance your home, no matter what your personal style is. 

Neutral shades work in every type of house. 

Whether you are decorating a newly constructed home or a historic residence that was built well over a century ago, neutral shades know no bounds. They are incredibly versatile and are not bound by the era in which a house was originally built or the style its architecture adheres to. Neutral hues, such as beiges, whites, and rich tans, look equally at home in chic, modern lofts as they do in sprawling, Mediterranean-style mansions. Additionally, neutral shades provide the ideal backdrop for bold accent colors. If, for example, you’ve always wanted to use teal in a space, but you’ve always been too afraid to use it as a wall color, neutral paint will allow teal accent pillows or other accessories to really pop. 

Textures show-up better on neutral backgrounds. 

One of the most subtle, but most enjoyable, aspects of any FuRmanity throw is its texture. Because we use only the best materials throughout our production process, the fibers in each of our throws, including our Aura blankets, are extremely soft and silky. Neutral walls and furnishings provide the best possible background for showcasing texture. As a matter of fact, many homeowners find that they enjoy mixing textures more than ever once they decorate their residences in primarily neutral shades. Imagine, for a moment, a soft tan Aura vegan fur throw on a velvet divan situated against textured bamboo wallpaper. Neutral palettes allow textures to take center-stage in a unique fashion. 

Your home will be both on-trend and timeless

One of the best things about neutral interior design is that it is simultaneously trendy and timeless. In recent years, farmhouse decor, which typically features a lot of black, white, and cream color combinations, has taken America by storm. Neutral walls and furniture allow homeowners to take full advantage of this trend, but also make it simple to switch out accessories, such as handcrafted signs and rustic pillows, when another style comes along. Furthermore, no matter what trends you become passionate about, they won’t overtake your entire home if you choose neutral backdrops in every room; this not only makes it easier to resell, but allows you to experiment without dealing with major redecorating challenges. 

The entire FuRmanity team is passionate about what we do and can’t wait for you to experience the comfort and luxury of an Aura blanket in your own space. Whether you’ve been purchasing from our various product lines, including our traditional vegan fur throws and our kids’ Kuddle styles, for years or this will be your very first order, we know you are going to love the Aura. Remember, when you support FuRmanity, you support small American businesses and make a legitimate difference in the lives of families across the country. We appreciate that you are considering an Aura blanket for your home and believe that it will be the perfect addition to your decorating style, no matter what it happens to be.