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How Do you tell the Difference Between Real Fur and Vegan Fur

If you are making an effort to reduce or eliminate the use of animal products in your household, or if you just prefer the durability of vegan fur compared to authentic fur, knowing how to tell the difference between real fur and faux fur is an essential skill. Thanks to modern technology, though, many of today’s vegan fur options truly look like animal fur at first glance. This can make it tough to figure out exactly what you’re about to purchase! As you read this helpful guide, you will learn several tactics you can use to tell the difference every time. 

Take a closer look. 

Although it can certainly be challenging to distinguish animal fur and vegan fur initially, taking a closer look at a particular throw or garment should make your task easier. Real fur generally has at least three layers comprised of curly strands. The closer to the leather you comb with your fingers, the thicker the fur will be; this is known as the “under-wool” and helps to keep the animal warm during its life. 

Additionally, the hairs on authentic fur garments are of varying lengths and are typically still attached to the leather/hide that forms the base of whatever item you’re considering. Vegan fur, on the other hand, generally consists of fibers that are  sewn into the base or backing of any given product, though if the product is dense with fur, this may be hard to distinguish. They are also often the same length and consistent in their coloring, both of which differentiate synthetic styles from natural fur. 

Grab a pin. 

If you have a travel sewing kit in your purse, take a safety pin and try the “pin test” next time you’re not sure if something is faux fur or authentic fur. To use this surprisingly effective method, try to push the sharp end of your pin through a product’s backing. If the base resists and you have difficulty pressing your pin through to the other side, the item is more-than-likely crafted from animal fur. If, however, it takes very little effort to make a pinhole, the item is probably from a vegan fur collection. 

Use a lighter or a match. 

The idea of using a lighter or a match to test whether something is real fur or faux fur may seem strange, but it is actually a simple and accurate technique. It is, however, best to use this method if you are trying to determine the material of something you already own. All you have to do is pull out a few fibers and singe them slightly. Animal fur will quickly singe and the odor that comes from it will be similar to that of burned human hair, while vegan fur will give-off an odor like smoldering plastic and the ends will melt into small, hardened balls you can roll between your fingers. 

These are just a few of the easiest methods you can use to figure out if an item is crafted from authentic fur or cruelty-free faux fur. At FuRmanity and Custom Photo Props, we are committed to producing the highest-quality vegan fur throws that will help your photography business flourish or keep your family warm and comfortable all year long, no matter where you live. We hope you will explore all of our product lines and look forward to fulfilling an order for you soon.