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Help Us Help Animals In Need

rescue horse that FuRmanity home decor supports all animals

If you’ve been a FuRmanity supporter for any length of time, you know how committed we are to assisting animals in need. Now, it’s your turn to help us help them. Although we already provide aid to several shelters, we are currently looking for more facilities we can add to our network. If you have recommendations, this is your opportunity to share them!

In the comment section of this post, please provide us with the name of the non-profit shelter or animal rescue facility you would like to nominate. Please also let us know their official website URL and link to any social media profiles the organization may have. This will allow us to get to know any facilities that are selected to receive donations from FuRmanity.

By now, you’re probably wondering exactly how we choose which facilities we will give fur bedding or monetary donations to. We want to assure you that all selections are made at random. We make every possible effort to donate our resources to as many organizations as we can in order to assist a large number of animals. If a rescue you care passionately about does not get chosen now, we urge you to re-submit its information at a later date.

Because the FuRmanity team believes that all animals deserve comfort and peace, we are willing to consider all types of rescues, including those that shelter domestic animals and wildlife. Whether your passion lies with cats and dogs that have been saved from abusive situations or with lions and tigers that have been freed from awful circumstances, we want to make a difference.

With every donation FuRmanity makes, more animals’ lives are changed for the better. By telling us about an organization you love, you are doing your part to further our mission of comfort, quality, and compassion.


Photo Credit:

Jolanta Wulf Photography