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FuRmanity’s Commitment to Animals

two puppies in a bucket. FuRmanity Home donates to rescue animals in need.

At FuRmanity, we love the look of fur. We believe it can bring texture and beauty to even the most mundane spaces. However, we also adore animals and we don’t think they should have to suffer or sacrifice so we can have fur throws, bedding, and decorative items in our homes. The marriage of these two passions is how FuRmanity was born.

Every time you buy from our line of exclusive vegan fur products, you are directly supporting animal welfare. With every sale, we are thrilled to donate monetary gifts or furs to shelters that need our assistance. By beautifying your home, you are also improving the life of an animal in need. It’s a win-win situation. Below, you’ll find common questions and answers about our commitment and how the donation process works.

What is the goal of donating furs?

When we donate vegan furs to animals in shelters, our aim is to make life more comfortable for the animals during their time there. The bedding we donate is identical to what we sell to you, our client, which means it is extremely soft and cozy for the animals who receive it. We believe that, no matter what these animals’ current circumstances are, their lives can be made more peaceful by doing small things, such as providing them with warm blankets.

What happens if a shelter can’t take furs?

There are certain cases in which shelters’ policies prohibit them from accepting our vegan fur donations. Sometimes, for instance, they are only allowed to take machine washable items or must abide by other restrictions. The FuRmanity team understands and respects these limits, so in a situation where fur bedding cannot be donated, we give a monetary donation instead. Then, the shelter can use the funding for food and other necessities.

What types of shelters do you donate to?

We donate to a wide variety of shelters and animal rescue facilities. Non-profit shelters for domestic animals, such as cats and dogs, as well as rescues for horses, tigers, and other wildlife are all on our radar. If you have suggestions regarding shelters that would benefit from our donations, don’t hesitate to reach out. Additional information about this topic can be found here.

How did you decide to support animals?

All of us at FuRmanity are personally committed to helping animals in any way we can. We love animals big and small and do whatever we are able to to aid them. Our collective passion carried over to our business and we knew we had to use some of our profits to support the causes we care about so deeply.

Our target demographic, stylish people who live vegan lifestyles, can relate to our desire to provide shelter animals with more comfortable lives, so we know our commitment to donate goods and funding will resonate with our customers.

We sincerely hope this has given you more insight into how and why we are assisting animals in shelters throughout our region. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us. We love hearing from FuRmanity fans and we want to help you better understand why we do what we do in any way we can!


Image by:

Pamela Lewis Photography

Lyndsey's Photo Co.