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Home Decor Styles: Less is More

In this three-part series, we’ll be taking a look at popular home decor styles and what sets them apart from one another. In this specific guide, you will discover some interior design styles that are inspired by the art of minimalism. If you have been looking to declutter your space, there’s no time like the present to learn more about one of these styles and start clearing out things you don’t use to make room for more memories with your loved ones.


Urban style is the interior decorating manifestation of the hustle and bustle of city life. It frequently features dark or bold colors, like black, deep red, purple, and lime green and is known for sleek, streamlined furniture. Most urban spaces are immaculately organized, with few knick-knacks, except for strategically placed blankets, photographs, and modern light fixtures.


City lofts in old factories are the perfect embodiment of industrial design. This interior decorating style takes a lot of cues from Steampunk style, featuring exposed brick and pipes, old-fashioned and reclaimed decor, and dark colors. Black, rust brown, and grey are all particularly common shades in industrial spaces.


Scandinavian style is, as you undoubtedly expected, popular throughout Norway, Sweden, and Finland. People in this area of the world tend to use a lot of white in their spaces, with color existing only in the form of throw pillows and other easily changeable items, and rely on furniture that marries form and function. Most Scandinavian furnishings are simple with clean lines; they are also designed to fit into small areas. If you happen to live in a house or apartment that lacks square footage, you should spend some time looking into this type of interior design.


Southwestern style primarily originated in the American states of Arizona and New Mexico. It takes a great deal of inspiration from traditional Native American design, with Navajo rugs and simple, Mission-style furnishings abounding in Southwestern spaces. You won’t see clutter in these rooms, but you will feel welcome, with warm colors, such as terra cotta, buttery yellow, and deep blue, all quite popular.

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