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Home Decor Styles: Bring the Outdoors In

In this three-part series, we’ll be taking a look at popular home decor styles and what sets them apart from one another. In this guide, you will discover some interior design styles that will help you bring nature into your home. Whether you have found yourself inspired by the region in which you live or you want your house to remind you of your favorite vacation spot, one of these decorating options is sure to strike a chord with you.


Country style takes its cues from country life, featuring colors often found on farms, such as barn red, sunshine yellow, and milky white. The furnishings that are used in country style homes tend to be sturdy and functional. Checkered fabrics and animal motifs, frequently showcasing livestock, are also common in country-inspired spaces.


Rustic style draws inspiration from the woods, frequently featuring raw wood, forest green and dark brown shades, and Northwoods decor. You can expect rustic spaces to be imperfect, with unpainted wood and rough-hewn furnishings common. There are, however, several levels of rustic interior design, with luxury cabins and primitive one-room spaces all falling into this category.


It is important to understand that, while farmhouse style and country style share some similarities, they are not the same thing. Farmhouse interior design tends to be less colorful than country decorating, with a primary palette of whites, blacks, and greys. Many farmhouse-style spaces also have shiplapped walls and unexpected antique items, such as signs from old buildings and repurposed items from architectural salvages.

Coastal & Nautical

Coastal interior design is generally relaxing and laid back, inviting friends and family to take their shoes off and stay awhile as soon as they hit the door. It typically draws color inspiration from the sand and sea, featuring lots of blues, tans, and breezy whites. Decorations often include items crafted from nautical rope, anchor wall hangings, and shell collections gathered by homeowners.



Tropical style tends to feature the rich colors of the islands, with bright pinks, oranges, aquas, and yellows all appearing frequently. When it comes to nailing tropical interior design, remember that the brighter and happier your space looks, the better off you are! Hanging canvases of your favorite tropical vacation photos on the walls is a great way to personalize your space, while also making it feel more authentic.

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